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OCT East Shenzhen
In Shenzhen, you can go to OCT East Shenzhen in the morning to visit the European-style Grand Canyon and Tea Valley. It combines a mountainous country and an urban theme park, presenting a world of blending Chinese and Western culture.
Xiyong Beach
In the afternoon, you can go back to the city to see Xiyong Beach. It is the longest beach in Shenzhen and its scenery is considered one of the most beautiful seascapes in China. As long as 10 miles of beaches such as silk elegant, comfortable, mountain, sea, lake, beautiful headland scenery.
Lianhuashan Park
Or you can go to Lianhuashan Park. There are 4,000 square meters of peak square here, the tallest outdoor plaza in Shenzhen and a great place to overlook the Futian CBD.
Dapeng Ancient City
If you still have time, you can choose to go to Dapeng Ancient City. Its full name is “Dapeng Shouyu Qianhucheng City”. Shenzhen is also known as Pengcheng. It was a military fortress for coastal defense in southern China during the Ming and qing dynasties. Today's dapeng city still retains the ancient city gate, city tower, ancient streets and ancient dwellings.
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